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Feb 27, 2012 — Notify Users module, ver. 0.5 released — user can choose between sending single message (...) »

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19 студзеня 2013 у Гродне трагічна загінуў паэт, журналіст і мой сябар (...) »

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The site Litaratura.org is devoted to Belarusian literary works and translations. (...) »

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Late November 2008 marked the 20th anniversary of the official founding of the Belarusian (...) »

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Self Reference Extended
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2009-11-07, 08:13

Scrolling a page from its bottom to a top is funny simple for achieving with the means given by MODx — you need to create anchor at the top and link it at the bottom (usually in footer section):

Simple "top of page" Link

<a name="topofpage"></a>
... main part of the page ...
<a href="[~[*id*]~]#topofpage">top of page</a>

The above code works fine for all typical cases but it is insufficient on sophisticated pages whose urls comprise one or more query variables — after clicking on such „top of page” link all query variables are lost and you are landing on the base/first page of the whole set of pages determined by those variables.

Scenario for generalized "top of page" Link

<a href="[(site_url)][!SelfReference!]#topofpage">top of page</a>

This generalized scenario works on this site, so I do not need to create special example in order to present how the snippet behaves ;) The snippet has been also posted to this thread on MODx forum.

The second attached version has been slightly modified — it still preserves all query variables of the currently active page, but allows you to specify &redir parameter and send a user to another page.

Download This Attachment... SelfReference Snippet — the very latest version
Last modified: 2010-01-09, 00:00 — Size: 985,00 B
Download This Attachment... SelfReference Snippet (with redirect parameter)
Last modified: 2010-01-20, 00:00 — Size: 1,21 KB