2020-10-29, 02:12

Feb 27, 2012 — Notify Users module, ver. 0.5 released — user can choose between sending single message (...) »

2013-01-28, 08:32

19 студзеня 2013 у Гродне трагічна загінуў паэт, журналіст і мой сябар (...) »

2009-10-14, 07:19

The site Litaratura.org is devoted to Belarusian literary works and translations. (...) »

2009-01-12, 20:46

Late November 2008 marked the 20th anniversary of the official founding of the Belarusian (...) »

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Public Domain Software

Here is selected software I have written (or have been inspired to write) while implementing various projects. Some of those projects had commercial purposes while others had not. Regardless of the motives that led me to coding the software, I make selected applications available on the terms of the General Public License, believing that the use of the software by users who share similar ideas and interests will only contribute to its improvement.

The design and coding of the software is a process consuming both time and intellect. If you would like to support the further development of my projects, you may consider a donation to this purpose. Your donation will be highly appreciated regardless of its amount.

2008-08-24, 10:06

This text explains — taking my favorite MODx CMS system as an example — how to make sending emails suitable even for production use. The inspiration for writing the text was patching (...) »