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Newest Documents
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2010-01-10, 15:17

This solution was initially provided to the MODx user Sharkbait who asked „how to pull each first/newest document from different containers”.

I am pasting here the directory structure of Sharkbait’s photo gallery that the solution was designed for:

Example of directory structure

GalleryOverview (id=10)
    Portrait 1
    Portrait 2
    Landscape 1
  Black & White
    Black & White 1

We need to retrieve in a single and concise step newest documents from each folder under „GalleryOverview” — one latest document for each subfolder. This might be done as follows:

Main Ditto call

[[Ditto? &parents=`10` &depth=`2` &display=`all` &filter=`isfolder,1,1` &tpl=`newest-doc`]]

This call of Ditto collects all subfolders under „GalleryOverview” and these collected subfolders are subsequently explored by „newest-doc” chunk for the latest document:

Content of „newest-doc” chunk

[[Ditto? &parents=`[+id+]` &depth=`1` &display=`1` &filter=`isfolder,0,1` &tpl=`doc-template` &sortBy=`createdon` &sortDir=`DESC`]]

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